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Wir fangen an die FAQ zu übersetzen, wer weiß wie lange das deutsche Offi noch braucht… hier schon einmal die englische FAQ:

All the info here was correct at the time of testing. Some details may need updating as the event goes live.
Thank you for your understanding. 

Lively Egg Hunt Event
Easter 2012

Starts: April 4th 2012
Finishes: April 10th 2012

(check the OA for precise times as soon as they are known)

The Whole City will be decorated for this Event

click to enlarge

This year, Bugs Bunny is taking part in the Easter-Event.
His goal is to bring nice presents to our farmkids.
But the problem is, that Daffy Duck took his present-baskets with all the Easter-Eggs in it.
Daffy is now hiding these eggs on the player’s city.
The player is asked to collect them and give them back to Bugs, so he can give them to the kids.
Bugs gets supported by an easter-chicken, that helps him bringing the eggs to the children.

note: Due to legal restrictions, players in certain countries will not see the Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck characters, but will have other animals created especially for them.

* What is special about this event?

  • There will be drop items in the form of appearing eggs. 

    All 4 types of eggs will appear in the CITY, at regular intervals.
    All you need to do is to click on the eggs for them to go to your inventory.

 small egg „S“ (Quest value: 10 CC)
 medium egg „M“ (Quest value: 20 CC)
 large egg „L“ (Quest value: 25 CC)
 extra-large egg „XL“ (Quest value: 30 CC)

demonstration: how to find your Easter Eggs:
(thank you to our french admins for this video)

An extra TIP to find the eggs:http://sharedimages.bigpoint.net/sup…ool_FileUpload

* Can I buy some extra Easter Eggs?

Yes, you can buy the S size eggs.
If you buy them via the donation window, they will all be at the price of 1 item.
You’ll also be able to buy some ‚cheaper‘ in bulk quantities in the Shopping Center (see below)
You can also gift the small eggs to/from neighbours/buddies

  • you can send 5 free gifts per day (or 7 if you’ve opened the SkillTree rune). After that, each egg sent will cost you 2 BBs
  • up to 20 gifts can be received per day.
  • There will be a special event crop

from Level 3+
on all lands (including Bahamarama Lvl 3+ too)
Growing time: 4h
EP (2×2): 36

Each player should receive 10 seeds.
They will take 4 hours to grow during the event.
You can plant them on your farm, meadow and glade!
Can also be grown on Bahamarama Island from level 3
If you donate all your seeds and drop to zero, you’ll need to wait for the automatic replenishment, which occurs every 5 or 6 hours to get up to 5 free seeds…

* How can I access this Event?

From level 3+ you can access this Event from the Event place in the City:

You’ll then see this quest layout:

* What are the different parts of this Quest pop-up?

There are 5 rooms, each represented by an animal that looks sad. To make them happy, you need to donate some items (by clicking the large + button).
At the top, you can see your stock of each type of Egg.

* How do I donate items?

Click on the large blue + icon.
This will open up a „Deposit“ pop-up, where you can choose which items you wish to deposit.

If you don’t have enough items to complete that step, it’s preferable NOT to partially donate items, as they are non-refundable!

* How do I donate Easter Eggs?

Once you’ve selected Easter Eggs (the icon becomes yellow), you must then click on the green + button, where you’ll see your stock of Easter Eggs and their value in CCs.

* Can I pay my way through the quest with BBs?

Yes, on any of the rooms, there is a small gold-chest icon, that will allow you to pay for that particular type of item that you have selected.

* Can I buy Easter Eggs?

Yes, but only the small S eggs.
It’s even cheaper to buy bulk quantities in the Shopping Center:

  • 1 Small Egg – 2 BB
  • 50 Small Egg – 85 BB (15% off)
  • 100 Small Egg – 150 BB (25% off)
  • 150 Small Egg – 200 BB (33% off)

* Will there be a Starter-Basket


In the Shopping Center, you’ll find a Starter-Basket which contains:

  • 50 daffodils
  • 10 „S“ eggs
  • 10 „M“ eggs
  • 50 Super-Grow

Costs: 1.99 Euro (or equivalent in your currency)
Buyable just once

* What are the Quest requirements and Prizes?

From level 3+

From Level 6+

From Level 10+

From Level 16+


The prize „row of clouds“: 
This themed row of clouds, once filled and activated will give you 5% faster time on animal stables (including yellow, orange, red and pink stables) started after the activation, and during 6 hours after the activation.
It will affect only the stables (not workshops/production pens) that you feed while the bonus is active.

From Level 22+


This prize will open up a new row of clouds in the Magical Stalk.
3 boni (bonuses) if you finish all rooms:

350 EP x your level

The brand new pet: Flying Flopsy !
 –  – 
extra details will be found in the Pets {FAQ} when it is live

The Event Sticker

That you’ll find in your Sticker Album,
in the Post-Office building.

* Will there be any other special offers during this Event?

There will be a Shaun-the-Sheep special pop-up offering you :
• 50x sugar & 50x salt (just click to claim your gift)
• And the chance to purchase an exclusive Shaun-the-Sheep item

size: 1×2
gives: 333 EP
time: 18 h
it costs 1.99 Euro (or equivalent in your currency),
buyable multiple times

* Will the Special Event Crop stay in the game after the Event?

Daffodils will be a 58 level crop.
If you don’t have that level in the game, your stock of Daffodils will be waiting for you when you reach that game level.

* Will leftover drop items be exchanged after the end of the event?

• Each egg S will be transfered to 5 EP + 5 CC after the event.
• Each egg M will be transfered to 10 EP + 10 CC after the event.
• Each egg L will be transfered to 15 EP + 15 CC after the event.
• Each egg XL will be transfered to 20 EP + 20 CC after the event.

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